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Single Day Trips Around Thrace

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The visitor choosing Maroneia for his holiday has the chance to go on various one day trips to explore the surrounding area. Visit the enchanting local towns and cities, explore the rare jewels of nature or take a boat trip to the islands of close proximity.

The City of Komotini

A visit to the city of Komotini can be very interesting. It is a city full of small picturesque streets, modern buildings and mixture of architectural styles, museums and ancient walls that give a different color to the city which is full of life.


Rodopi offers many choices to those visitors who love forests and their beauties. Mountainous roads lead to extremely beautiful landscapes with thick vegetation, running waters and medieval bridges. The monasteries on the mountain Papikio dating from 11th to 13th – 14th century have enormous importance for the whole region.

The Island Of Samothraki

A visit to the island of Samothraki (from Alexandroupoli by ferry boat) is a very good choice because of its natural environment, important archeological area and fresh fish.

Delta Of Evros

With the help of the Information Center of Evros, you have the unique opportunity to take a well-organized tour to the famous Delta of Evros where you can observe all the different species of rare birds that live and breed there.

Dadia Protected Forests

The Information Center of Dadia, in Soufli, organizes an unforgettable tour inside the absolutely protected area of the forest. The tour is accompanied by a certified guide all the way until the birds observation point. The forest of Dadia is one of the few areas in Europe that offers shelter to rare species of rapacious birds (vasilaetos, kraugaetos). Dadia is the place where three of the four different kinds of European eagles co-exist (maurogypas, ornio, asproparis).

Aquatic Areas Of Ismarida and Vistonida

Except the exceptional aquatic area of the lake Ismarida on the borders of the Municipality of Maroneia to the west, there is also the interesting aquatic area of the lake Vistonida, which stands on the border between the departments of Rodopi and Xanthi.

The Island Of Thassos

Following this direction, the traveler can visit the all-green island of Thassos. The deep blue of the Northern Aegean Sea, picturesque ports, sandy beaches and the numerous taverns all over the island will impress the visitor.


For those who love nature a visit to Keramoti is necessary. There are very frequent schedules by ferry boat from Keramoti to Thassos. There is a Nestos Delta Information Center, as well as a Nestos Visitors Welcome Center. Both of them organize many interesting activities (such as informative meetings, walks in the forest by the river, bird watching etc).