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Ismaros Hotel is located in a tranquil scenic village of Maronia, at the cost of Thracian Sea in Rodopi region of Eastern Macedonia. Having rich local culture and history dating back to the times of the great Homer and its famous Odyssey, Maroneia is the appropriate destination for everyone who seeks for archeological treasures, historical monuments, traditional villages, caves, acquatic areas, fascinating coasts and beauties of nature. Here in Omiros’s country where Kikkones used to live, the history never ends. From Odysseus who escaped the Cyclops Polyphemus by getting him drunk using the Maroneia’s wine (meliideas maronios oinos) until the perios of Byzantium and until our times, marvelous monuments are the true witnesses who certify the big history of the place. Authorities believe that they have the duty to keep and promote all this history and protect all the goods nature has offered us. They feel the obligation to give to its residents the motive to stay at their place and never abandon it. We invite our visitors to come and enjoy our cultural summers, our famous entertainment. Open all your senses and enjoy your stay. You’ll have the most incredible experience!

The History

Back To The Ancient Times…

Maroneia is located on the slopes of the mountain Ismaros. This is the place where the inhabitants of the ancient city of Maroneia seeked refuge after the numerous pirate assaults that they suffered. Ancient Maroneia was founded by a man whose name was Maronas. He was the priest of God Apollo. In this place the residents used to worship two great Gods: Gos Apollo and God Dionysus. The place was famous for its wine called “maronios oinos” (maronian wine). The 4th century BC was the best period for Maroneia because at that time the city had great power. According to the historical sources, at that point the city put into circulation golden coins. This prosperity lasted until the Byzantine Years. Then, the pirates plundered the area and forced its residents to abandon the place. The ancient amphitheatre, a part of the city walls, that was bound to be strong and still, parts of a Byzantine cathedral are maintained. At the village of Maroneia you can visit the ancient Strimi with its interesting aqueduct, the excavation of acropolis of Ergani, the ruins of an ancient village surrounded by wall in the region of 5 Georgios and the “cave of Polyphemus”, in the entrance of which you can see a huge stalagmite about 5m wide and 2 m high. This cave had been used as a house during the Paleolithic Period. The length of its corridors is about 2000m. The cave is decorated with an extremely beautiful décor of stalactites and stalagmites in many shapes and colors.